The 5 Best Carpal Tunnel Braces in the Market 2022

The 5 Best Carpal Tunnel Braces in the Market 2022

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Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace

Most Comfortable
This brace is unique because of its contoured design and comfort. The left and right specificity make it fit better than most braces.

The metal support plate immobilizes the region. Superior comfort is provided by the ergonomic design. Velcro rubbing against the skin is avoided thanks to the inside cloth strip. The breathable padding and cloth ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the night.

Some people with large hands may feel uncomfortable using this brace.

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Dr. Arthritis Copper-Lined Hand and Wrist Support Strap

Most Versatile
Developed by doctors. Flexible, non-slip support.

The brace is made of neoprene and nylon. It has a copper lining for support and fits comfortably with a Velcro closure. Because it allows some range of motion, it is popular among typists and athletes.

Not recommended for people allergic to neoprene or nylon.

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Futuro Comfort Stabilizing Wrist Brace

Ideal for Nighttime use
This brace can reduce pain and numbness at night. It provides comfort and stability.

The cushioning beads keep your hand and wrist in a neutral position, making the brace suitable to be used at night. It can be used on either hand, and the design is adjustable and easy to use.

Velcro starts to wear down after a few months of regular use.

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Wellgate Women PerfectFit Wrist Support

Made for Women
This brace is designed for women but most people can use it, except those with big wrists.

The comfortable memory foam core is made of lightweight and breathable materials. It fits those with small wrists better than other models. The palmar splint is effective at immobilizing the wrist and won't warp under pressure.

Challenging to maintain its tidy appearance.

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ACE Night Wrist Sleep Support

Trusted Brand
This brace is different from other braces because it’s unique in positioning with your hand.

This glove has a contoured and cushioning design to support your fingers and wrist. The glove can be worn on either hand, and the thumb hole is wider to fit those with larger or swollen hands. The shell materials are soft and flexible so that they won't cut into your skin.

The Velcro on the jacket occasionally has some quality issues, and it is prone to snagging.

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How to Choose the Best Carpal Tunnel Braces

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be a serious problem. It can make you feel pain, numbness, and tingling that interfere with your work and sleep.

Carpal tunnel braces can help you if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. You can wear braces overnight or other models more suited for work.

We created this buying guide to help you choose the perfect model for you.


Types of carpal tunnel braces

• Wrist brace/support

Different types of carpal tunnel braces are available. The least invasive type is the one that fits around your wrist and has a strap or sleeve that leaves your wrist and hand free to move.

• Standard carpal tunnel brace

Standard braces have a splint or stiff fabric that goes around your wrist, limiting your hand movements. You can wear them at work or during the day.

• Nighttime carpal tunnel brace

This brace helps restrict movement more than other braces. They go further down your wrist and up your hand. Some models completely immobilize your fingers and thumb.

Size and fit

You need to measure your wrist circumference to make sure you get the right size. For people with small or large wrists, finding the right size might take more time.


If the brace isn't comfortable, it won't be effective in reducing your pain. Comfort is important, so make sure that the brace fits properly and has enough padding. The straps should hold the brace snug against your wrist and palm.

The wristband must hit your hand in the right position to be effective in reducing pain. It should be tight enough to restrict the wrist’s movement and should also have adequate padding to prevent skin irritation.


A carpal tunnel wrist brace helps reduce inflammation around the carpal tunnel by immobilizing the wrist.

You need to balance hand mobility and wrist restriction to avoid too much discomfort. If you wear the brace during the day, choose one that allows you to move your arm more. If you are wearing it at night, choose one that restricts your wrist movement.


Reversible vs. hand specific

Some braces fit either your right or left hand. If you don't want to go through the trouble of finding the right brace, choose a reversible model.

Splint/support type

Carpal tunnel braces have a splint that keeps the wrist in the correct position. The material and design of the splint can make a difference in how well the brace works, how versatile it is, and how long it lasts.

Plastic vs. metal: Plastic and metal are two types of splints. Metals last more, and they are less stretchy than plastic, which is good. But sometimes, metal splints have sharp edges that wear through fabric faster than plastics. Metals also weigh more.

Removable splints: If your carpal tunnel syndrome is not too bad, you might not need a splint to help relieve your symptoms. The fabric and compression straps on a thick brace may be enough. If it is not too bad, a removable splint will increase the comfort and versatility of the brace. It will also allow you to machine wash it.

Compression straps/system

Braces can have anywhere from one to four compression straps held in place by Velcro or a quick lace method. Velcro straps let you adjust the compression for various regions of your wrist and hand.

Like those used in shoelaces and drawstrings, Lace systems are the most durable option. They don't offer the same level of personalization as Velcro, but they last longer.


Padding gives you more comfort and protects your skin from the straps and seams on the brace. Make sure the padding fits the shape of your hand.

Antimicrobial fabrics

Your hand might sweat if you wear a brace for a long period. Braces treated with antimicrobial treatments will help keep the odor down and make it easier to clean.


Breathable fabrics help you to stay cool and dry. This is especially important at night when you might not be aware of the heat build-up.


Different colors can make a difference in how your braces look and how easy they are to clean. For example, black braces show the least amount of dirt or wear and tear, making them easy to care for. Black is more noticeable than beige or white. But, beige and white need to be cleaned more often.


The median nerve is the root of carpal tunnel syndrome. It has to squeeze through a limiting passage, the carpal tunnel, occupied by ligaments and tendons on its way to the hand. It's particularly sensitive to repetitive activities. To relieve irritation of this nerve, carpal tunnel braces keep the wrist in a neutral position.



There are many different types of carpal tunnel wrist braces, which cost between $10 and $40. You can also find both reversible and hand-specific models within this price range.


• At night, fit your carpal tunnel brace snugly but not too tightly. Be careful not to restrict blood flow, as this can make your symptoms worse.

• Carpal tunnel syndrome often gets worse at night. This is because you don't have conscious control of your wrists during the night. Nighttime braces are usually more restrictive and padded than daytime braces.

• Don't cut corners when it comes to fit. People with small hands or a poor bone structure may have problems finding a brace, but models are available. Every individual deserves the opportunity to get the most out of their pain treatment by wearing a comfortable brace.

Some braces are made to fit everyone, while others feature numerous size options depending on your wrist circumference. Even if they cost a bit more, custom-made braces for your wrist size will give you a better fit.


Q: Are carpal tunnel wrist braces machine-washable?

A: Yes and no. It depends on the wrist brace, so read the guidelines. If it has removable splints, remove them before washing. For other splints, just hand wash them.

Q: Are braces better than compression gloves or sleeves?

A: Braces are better than compression gloves or sleeves at reducing the symptoms of CTS because braces restrict wrist movement, which reduces inflammation around the carpal tunnel. This is different from compression gloves and sleeves, which can only compress the area, leaving it open to painful irritation.

Q: Is there a brace for carpal tunnel that doesn’t restrict wrist movement?

A: There are different types of braces for carpal tunnel. One type is a brace that doesn't have a part that goes over your hand. This leaves your hand free to move. Another option is a brace with a splint that doesn't go all the way to the palm of your hand.

Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace

This brace is unique because of its contoured design and comfort. The left and right specificity make it fit better than most braces.

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Dr. Arthritis Copper-Lined Hand and Wrist Support Strap

This soft brace was developed by doctors. It offers flexible, non-slip support.

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Futuro Comfort Stabilizing Wrist Brace

This brace reduces pain and numbness at night. It provides comfort and stability.

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