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These products are recommended based on a thorough research process that aims to cut through the clutter and uncover the best products in this category. We spend hours looking into the elements that matter with the assistance of experts to provide you with these options.

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Microsoft Xbox Series X

Bottom Line
Most Inclusive
The Xbox Series X has a vast game library and the computing power to make games feel, sound, and appear better. This is a fantastic way to play if you have Xbox Game Pass.

4K/8K UHD HDR gaming with rich detail and stunning spectacle. Fast load times. 3D positional audio. Controller included. Many Xbox One, 360, and Original games are backward compatible.

The Xbox Series X is a bit large and takes up space in the entertainment center.

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Nintendo Switch

Bottom Line
Kids' Play Space
The Nintendo Switch is a model for the whole family because of its huge collection of retro hits, kid-friendly games, and the option to shift between console and handheld modes.

The Switch also comes with a Joy-Con grip, an AC adapter, and a console dock. Simply switch from TV to portable mode—many one-of-a-kind exclusives.

If you want to play games with more than one player, you must buy additional motion-sensing Joy-Con controllers. But be aware that this can get expensive quickly.

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Sony PlayStation 5

Bottom Line
Gaming is elegant and beautiful.
The PlayStation 5 offers genuine 4K HDR gameplay and lightning-fast loading speeds, resulting in some of the most beautiful and engaging gaming.

Lifelike visuals and lightning-quick speeds. 4K and 8K display optimized. Most PS4 games are compatible with this device. VR ready. 3D immersive audio experience included

The PlayStation 3, 2, and Classic game discs will not run.

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Microsoft Xbox Series S

Bottom Line
Good Value
The Xbox Series S is a fine choice if you want to buy your games digitally. While it may not be as powerful as the X, it will still look great on 1080p displays.

This gaming console gives you true 4K gaming. It is small and compact, and it comes with an ergonomic controller. Plus, there is a gigantic library of backward-compatible games to choose from. And it's especially affordable! You'll love the 3D spatial sound and fast load times, too.

There is no disc drive.

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Amazon Luna Controller

Bottom Line
With a huge collection available thanks to Prime and the ability to play on any device, this game stands out from the crowd.

The controller is designed to be easy on the hands and easy to grip for both big and little hands. It allows you to play graphic-intensive games on any platform. It's a great way to enjoy the most recent releases at a fraction of the cost.

The cloud-based streaming software might sometimes be sluggish if the user's internet isn't very fast.

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We choose these products based on a thorough study that aims to cut through the clutter and locate the finest goods in this area. Spending hours looking into the elements that count, we bring you these choices following expert advice.

Buying guide for

Since the original Atari, video game consoles have evolved dramatically — not just in gaming but also as streaming devices that can play movies, Blu-rays, and even support virtual reality.

There are different types of video game consoles for everyone. Older gamers might like classic retro arcade games, while younger gamers prefer the latest first-person shooters.


Game consoles are complex technological devices that want to be a one-stop shop for your entertainment needs.

Most consoles can play Blu-rays, view your favorite streaming services, and utilize contemporary and classic games.

The best console for you will be determined by the following factors: what kind of TV you have and which extra features pique your interest.

What are the differences between 1080p and 4K UHD?

1080p appears to be just yesterday's hot new TV technology, yet it is already ancient history. The next resolution standard is 4K UHD, which offers four times as many pixels as 1080p. The extra resolution gives 4K UHD TVs a noticeably sharper picture than 1080p models, and they are available in much larger screen sizes.

We're in this odd transition stage when the market is still moving from 2D to 4K.

Because the PlayStation 4 was released just before 4K became accessible to the general public, the original versions of those consoles were designed to play at that resolution. The Xbox One also launched without 4K support. As a result, many gamers with 1080p TV sets are wondering if they're missing out on anything by not being able to play at 4K.

Upgraded Consoles vs. Original Consoles

Sony and Microsoft have updated their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles to include more power and the ability to output a 4K video signal, following suit with the release of the PlayStation Pro and Xbox One S, which launched last year.

However, simply because the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X are the newest consoles does not imply that previous versions are no longer supported.

The Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox 2 are the newest, more powerful consoles, just a half-step above their predecessors.

"Make sure your new console is backward compatible to play old games and fresh titles. "



Your TV type is a major consideration when choosing an Xbox One S or PS4. If the televisions you're looking at are 1080p, go for the PS4 Slim or Xbox One S.

If you want a 4K UHD TV, you should probably spend the extra money on a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X.

The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X can display 4K video, whereas the original models can't. The problem is that if your TV isn't 4K, you won't get the full benefit of these new versions' upgrades.

If you're going to wait a few years before upgrading to 4K, the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro isn't worth the extra money.

Game library

There's no point in buying a video game system if it doesn't come with any games. Because the Xbox One and PS4 have comparable libraries, it boils down to which console has better exclusives.

Exclusives are games that are only available on one console. Call of Duty, for example, is always released on both the Xbox and PlayStation, but you'll only find Halo on the Xbox. There are also a few titles with limited availability to a certain device or content.

Regarding its game library, the Nintendo Switch is in a class of its own. The Switch is newer than the PS4 and Xbox One, so there aren't as many games. Many of the games on offer for it were originally released for other consoles.

The Switch is not as powerful as Microsoft and Sony's systems. This means that it doesn't have the same graphical capabilities. However, Nintendo creates some of the best system-exclusive games. So if you're a huge fan of Mario, Zelda, or Metroid games, the Switch is your only console choice.

Media playback

More than simply playing games on a console, you may do much more. These powerful devices allow for the creation of an all-in-one entertainment system using multiple components.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are all-in-one entertainment centers that feature access to a wide range of streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, Vudu, Crackle, and just about any other service you can think of that isn't from Apple (sorry, no iTunes). The PS4 and Xbox One also have Blu-ray players, so you can watch movies and play games.

If you're searching for something more cutting-edge regarding media consumption, an Xbox One S or Xbox One X is your best bet. These consoles have 4K Blu-ray players built-in, allowing you to watch films in stunning quality.

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch lacks any non-gaming applications. The Switch also lacks an optical drive, so you won't be able to watch your Blu-rays or DVDs on it.


Each video game system used to have its architecture as we know it. This implies that each one was developed from the bottom up specifically for this device, and it does not work with any other devices. In the most recent console generation, everything has changed.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are powered by an x86-64 CPU, identical to that used in a laptop or desktop PC. The same x86-64 CPU instruction set is used by both PCs and game consoles, making it easier for developers to bring their games to computers and consoles.

The Nintendo Switch is not so simple. It uses the same ARM instruction set as your smartphone or streaming device. Porting a game from x86 to ARM isn't difficult for developers, but because the Switch is unique, you'll probably wait a bit longer for games to come out than on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Make sure you always have new games to play. Don't save old games on your hard drive because you may re-download them anytime.



Because video game consoles are such a big investment, it's important to know when they'll become obsolete. Unfortunately, consoles aren't like toaster ovens in that respect. Technology improves and gets less expensive over time, eventually rendering your console outdated.

The ninth generation of video game consoles comprises several different systems. The eighth-generation consoles were on the market from 2012 until late 2020, about the average time frame. Consoles have an average lifespan of seven years before being replaced by the next model.


Look for consoles with parental controls so you can disable this feature if you don't want your children to play online.



Under $100

You won't be able to buy a current-generation console for under $100.

If someone offers you one of these and it's not a close friend or family, chances are it is stolen or shattered.

$100 to $200

You may be able to purchase a second-hand model from the higher end of this price range.

When buying used, inspect the console for functionality before purchasing it. This will demonstrate that it can turn on and play games and that the disc drive is not broken.

$200 to $300

A current or prior-generation model is often available in this price range.

Over $300

To acquire the most up-to-date video game consoles, you'll need to spend more than $300.


Q. Why should I spend money on a console rather than a PC?

A. This question has been asked for centuries, and it all boils down to personal choice. You have the liberty to spend as little or as much money on gaming performance with a PC. You'll also be able to play games dating back decades because PCs from that era can still operate on today's computers.

However, a PC's initial investment is greater than a console's, and dealing with drivers and tweaking settings might not be for everyone. If you want to have a more customized gaming experience, consider purchasing a PC. If you just want something that works without getting into any additional hassle, go for a console.

Q. What kind of input ports is required for playing a current-generation video game system on my TV?

A. The latest consoles, including the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, require HDMI connections to play video games. There are no other ports required for connecting any of the current machines. In 1080p, however, all you'll need is an HDMI connection. For 4K, on the other hand, you'll need to ensure that your 4K-capable TV also has HDR, as that's a required feature for 4K gaming on both the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. If you want the full 4K HDR experience, you'll need an HDMI 2.0 port on your TV. Some older TVs only have HDMI 1.4 ports, which are not capable of 4K HDR. You can check the specs of your TV to see which HDMI ports it has.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

Bottom Line
The Xbox Series X boasts a huge collection of games and the computing power to make them seem, sound, and feel better. This is an excellent way to play when paired with Xbox Game Pass.

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Nintendo Switch

Bottom Line
The Nintendo Switch is a model for the whole family because of its enormous collection of retro favorites, kid-friendly games, and ability to switch between console and handheld modes.

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Sony PlayStation 5

Bottom Line
The PlayStation 5 provides genuine 4K HDR gameplay and lightning-quick load times, resulting in some of the most beautiful and engaging gameplay.

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