The 5 Best Ugg Slippers for Men (2022 Review)

UGG Slippers for Men

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Ugg Ascot

A well-known model for its quality and comfort in a classic, attractive design.

The moccasin-style slipper is a top seller because it features a warm, comfy fit and tractiony rubber soles. It's fashionable, and there are a lot of color choices to pick from.

They run small: anywhere from one to two sizes smaller than usual. One of the more expensive designs.

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Ugg Scuff

A comfortable, easy-to-wear style.

The simple scuff design makes this an excellent choice for guys who want a slipper that's easy to put on and take off. It's perfect for relaxing at home.

The soles are not as cushioned or comfortable as other Uggs. While some men appreciated the fit, others thought it slightly tight.

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Ugg Cooke

Don't be fooled by the cheaper price - these Ugg slippers are designed for comfort, just like higher-priced alternatives from the brand.

Ugg's most affordable men's slippers. They're well-made and comfy. Consumers also complement them on their look, which some people wear casually as loafers.

Some individuals may find that the shoes are somewhat tight, particularly those with broad feet.

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Ugg Hanz

Beautiful slippers with a few nice characteristics that are less expensive than those by the brand, but you may have difficulty finding the correct size.

Provides a comfortable and secure fit with a slip-on design. The Polartec fleece lining helps keep the wearer dry. In terms of pricing, the Ugg slipper falls towards the bottom of the range.

Although you can wear them with most outfits, some customers discovered they had to pick a size larger than usual because they are small.

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Ugg Tasman

Ugg slippers are some of the most popular, owing to their comfort and stylishness.

This slipper is versatile and light-weighted, making it ideal for wearing around the house, out and about, or even on trips to town. It's not too hot or uncomfortable.

They might require some breaking in, as they feel tight at first but eventually stretch somewhat with use. On the higher end of the price range.

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How to Choose the Best UGG Slippers for Men

Comfort isn't just for the rich. Putting up with a poor fit, shoddily constructed, and low-quality materials to save money may cost you more. However, when you buy high-quality shoes from a well-known maker, you get a comfortable product and a great bargain because it lasts so long. One such company is UGG.

The highest-quality materials are used to make the UGG slippers for men. Some people claim to get more than a decade of use out of a single pair if they are properly worn and cared for. As an educated shopper, you'll want to be well-informed so that you may make the best possible purchasing decision.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about UGG slippers, from sizing to maintaining them. If that's what you're searching for, keep reading.

Men's UGG slippers should not be worn outside or in wet areas because moisture might harm the sheepskin.


Choosing the right size

It will be uncomfortable if the slippers are too small. It might be dangerous if it is too big because it may cause tripping. The manufacturer claims that the fit should be tight but not painful. The fleece footbed will mold to the shape of your feet over time, giving customized arch support.

Follow these procedures to choose the proper size of UGG slippers:

  • Align the edge of a piece of paper with your right heel.
  • Make a line on the paper at the tip of your big toe.
  • Take the distance between the edge of the paper and your mark.
  • Repeat using the left foot.
  • The UGG sizing chart, which may be found online, can help you determine your slipper size based on the larger of the two measurements. It is critical to follow this chart to avoid any errors. A size 10 in the United States is 11.02 inches, while a size 10.5 is 11.22 inches.

Slipper style

UGG slippers come in three different styles: closed-toe, slide, and open-toe.

A closed-toe UGG slipper envelopes your entire foot as a loafer and provides the most warmth and protection. The rear of a UGG slide slipper is exposed for ease, yet it has a shut-toe box. An open-toed UGG slipper resembles a fuzzy sandal and is the most comfortable option.

The only materials used by the company are animal-based waste from the food business. The firm is "fur-free," which means it never uses skins or fur from any species killed solely for its skin.



Most UGG slippers for men have no fasteners, but a few include an adjustable hook-and-loop strap or a stretchy band around the heel to keep them in place. If this is the case, seek slippers with fasteners.

Your slippers' inside will be as warm as the trademark UGG comfort, but the outside may be constructed of canvas, EVA, leather, suede, knit, sheepskin, a cotton mix, or any other fabric. Choose the material that meets your needs.

Four distinct outsole materials can be used to produce the UGG men's Slippers. Rubber is more durable but heavy. EVA is lighter than rubber, but it does not offer as much protection. Synthetic suede feels light and cleanable, and it might feel a little more pleasant to wear for lengthy periods. Treadlite by UGG is a lightweight outsole with excellent cushioning, traction, durability, and flexibility.

Over a dozen of colors are available (including print and tie-dye), so you can find a UGG slipper that reflects your personality. Look for a color that speaks to you.

"Ugg" is a generic term in Australia and New Zealand that may be used to market any fleece or sheepskin boot, so UGG is not a protected trademark there.



The brand recommends employing two items for cleaning and maintenance of your UGG footwear: UGG Protector and UGG Cleaner and Conditioner.

Protector: UGG Protector
The UGG PROTECTOR is a safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly solution that you can use to keep your UGG slippers looking new.

Cleaner: UGG Cleaner and Conditioner
The UGG Cleaner and Conditioner is a non-toxic, biodegradable, and cruelty-free product that you can use to clean your UGG slippers.


"How much does it cost?" is an easy question to answer. The quick reply would be, "Around $100." That, however, is only the beginning of the story.

Budget-friendly: At the lower end, you can get men's UGG slippers for as little as $70 to $90. These will be slide shoes (designed to be slipped on and taken off) made without limitations around the heel.

Mid-range: There are quite a few options, starting at $100 and going up to $120. The greatest number of UGG slippers for men may be found here, with the most common type being closed slippers that cover the whole foot.

High-end: It's possible to find UGG slippers for men above the $120 mark, although it's uncommon. These exceptions have a distinct feature, such as being made for outdoor use. Models with a higher price tag may be part of a collaboration with a designer.

The UGG adheres to the worldwide Five Freedoms standard, which ensures that the animal rights of those used in production are protected.



UGG men's slippers are high-quality footwear constructed of the finest materials. The following tips will help you get the most out of your slippers.

  • Your UGGs should not be washed in the machine. Unless specifically labeled as machine-washable, UGG slippers are too delicate to be put in a washer.
  • Do not dry clean your UGGs.
  • Water can harm your UGGs. If you get wet, especially wearing sheepskin or leather, be sure to let them dry.
  • To maintain your slippers in top condition, wash them regularly. Remove any stains or smells using UGG Protector and Cleaner/Conditioner.
  • Place your UGG slippers in a cool, dry, and ventilated location.
  • Heat and direct sunlight should be avoided. Keep them away from heat sources like fireplaces and vents to get the most out of your UGG slippers.

The manufacturer promises that the slippers will be free of material or construction flaws for one year.


Q. What are the benefits of wearing UGG slippers for men?

A. The UGG slippers are highly versatile and comfortable. They can also aid in preventing minor foot injuries that may occur as a result of walking around the home without slippers, such as stepping on plastic toy building blocks. Slippers also have greater arch support and thicker soles, which can both aid in preventing falls.

Q. Since UGG slippers for men keep feet warm, should they only be used during the winter?

A. No. Wool has natural moisture-wicking qualities and can aid in the body's overall temperature control. These elements make UGG slippers for men ideal for wear all year. In reality, the manufacturer's suggested temperature range for wearing UGG shoes, in general, is -30°F to +80° F.

Q. How can I avoid buying counterfeit UGGs?

A. Buying a fake item may be risky, although many people think there's no harm. There is no assurance that the counterfeiter uses safe materials. You and your family might be at risk of exposure to hazardous or toxic chemicals by purchasing knockoffs. In addition, a counterfeit good has no guarantee since it is not genuine: if your goods are faulty, you are responsible for the loss. Counterfeiters can be quite devious; in some cases, they even utilize real brand names and corporate addresses in their deception.

It's in the finer points that you'll spot the lie. The spelling is frequently incorrect. The pricing of UGG slippers for men is quite consistent. A site claiming to be an outlet is not selling genuine UGGS. The manufacturer advises against purchasing UGG footwear that claims to be low, discounted, or part of a flash sale.

Q. Should I wear socks with my slippers?

A. Notables such as David Beckham, LeBron James, and Justin Bieber have been seen sporting socks with open-toe men's shoes. However, the maker of UGG slippers wants you to know that its slippers are meant to be worn without socks to feel the warmth of the sheepskin.

Ugg Ascot

Well-known for its quality and comfort in a classic, attractive design.

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Ugg Scuff

A comfortable, easy-to-wear style that's simple to put on, but some people prefer a slipper with more structure and support.

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Ugg Cooke

Don't be fooled by the cheaper price - these Ugg slippers are designed for comfort, just like higher-priced alternatives from the brand.

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