12 Epic Products Featuring Sora (The Final Super Smash Bros. Fighter) You Can Buy Right Now

12 Epic Products Featuring Sora (The Final Super Smash Bros. Fighter) You Can Buy Right Now

It is only the beginning for Smash Bros. fans, despite Sora (the mythological Keyblade-wielding hero of Kingdom Hearts fame) being the 82nd and final fighter included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Sora is best recognized for his adventures with Goofy and Donald Duck as they sought King Mickey throughout the entire series.

Sora has a wide range of combos and techniques at his disposal, including speedy Sonic Blade dashes to swiftly close the gap between opponents; a triple combination of powerful fire-, ice- and lightning-based magic; and Aerial Sweep, an insane vertical jump that helps Sora survive enormous falls.

Newcomers for Sora Fans and Kingdom Hearts, check out these exciting goodies.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Fighters Pass Vol. 2

Expand your roster with the second Fighters Pass while you are waiting for Sora to make his Smash Bros. debut. This package includes Sora, the magnificent Hollow Bastion stage, and a Kingdom Hearts music pack, with Min Min, Minecraft's Steve & Alex, Sephiroth, Pyra and Mythra, and Kazuya as playable fighters for a lower price than purchasing each character.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX

This fantastic game collection is a must-have for anybody wanting to join Sora, Donald, and Goofy on their epic adventures across the Kingdom Hearts universe. This is the ultimate way to enjoy six magnificent Kingdom Hearts games and experiences, remastered in stunning high definition and expanded the storyline into a comprehensive package.

Kingdom Hearts III

Sora and his companions embark on their most remarkable quest yet to combat the Darkness as they journey to familiar realms like " Frozen " snowy forests and the open seas of "Pirates of the Caribbean." Kingdom Hearts III will keep Sora's most devoted fans occupied until he's ready to join the fight. The game is available for Xbox One and PS4.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

In this cutting-edge rhythm game, you'll be able to explore the Kingdom Hearts universe differently. With more than 140 classic songs, immersive boss fights, and a brand-new chapter that continues Sora's tale, it's time to go on an adventure like no other! Available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Good Smile Kingdom Hearts II: Sora Nendoroid Action Figure

Sora Nendoroid is a posable and expressive figure. He comes with multiple different faceplates, hands, and a versatile stand. This makes it easy for fans to set him in a wide range of cool poses.

Funko Kingdom Hearts 3 – Sora (Guardian Form)

Millions of Funko Pop figures are in circulation, and people who have played Kingdom Hearts III will appreciate how good Sora's guardian form looks like an adorable desktop hero.

Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition

A complete Kingdom Hearts remaster of the popular immersive fantasy board game Talisman makes it more engaging than ever to shut the Door of Darkness with two to six players. Sora, King Mickey, or other beloved characters may be encountered as you make your way through this convoluted yet engaging game with friends.

“Kingdom Hearts Character Files”

This epic book is a must-read for Sora's biggest fans, featuring a vast selection of pictures of the enormous cast of Kingdom Hearts and recapping its thrilling tale.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

If you lost track of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, which chronicles the adventures of Sora and his companions as they fight to protect the worlds from darkness, reading its novelization is your best bet for catching up on the sixth installment.

RoomMates Kingdom Hearts Peel and Stick Wall Decals

You may turn your game room into a more cheerful place with these vibrant and colorful Kingdom Hearts decals. This collection of 20 decals is budget-friendly, easy to apply, and looks fantastic!

Disney Kingdom Hearts II Donald, Sora & Goofy Bi-Fold Wallet

This Sora-inspired vegan leather bifold wallet from Kingdom Hearts II proudly displays the images of Sora, Donald, and Goofy. This Sora-themed wallet is as helpful as attractive thanks to its secure buckle closure and many card slots.

“Kingdom Hearts II, Vol. 1” – Manga

You've probably completed Kingdom Hearts II, but have you read the four-part manga series? Sora and his pals' delightful artwork and excessive reactions make this manga hard to put down once you begin reading.

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