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Quarter Arcades Dig Dug Quarter Scale Arcade Cabinet

Bottom Line
Ideal for small Areas
Collectors and retro game aficionados will be enamored with the intricate level of detail that was invested in recreating this tiny, yet completely functional Dig Dug arcade machine.

The authentic arcade cabinet is half the original size—a USB-powered desktop computer with illuminating lights. Bright 5" display with excellent picture quality even though it is smaller than the usual monitor.

Only one arcade game is included.

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Arcade1Up Ms. Pac-Man Counter-Cade

Bottom Line
Trusted Brand
Tabletop arcade cabinet with the nostalgic arcade feels without needing a dedicated area.

The Ms. Pac-Man cabinet is made of solid wood and has authentic arcade controls, making it both sturdy and inexpensive. Aside from Ms. Pac-Man, the stand includes Dig Dug II, Galaga, and Pac-Man. A bright LCD screen complements the arcade appearance of tech-savvy modern gamers.

The larger screen means less text room, so optimizing is essential.

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Tiny Arcade Pac-Man

Bottom Line
Casual Gaming at its Best
In a tiny but respectful imitation of the classic arcade game, players relive the action of Retro Pac-Man in this entertaining mobile game.

This charming game is meant to bring back grown gamers to their childhood, yet it doesn't sacrifice quality for a smaller size. Buyers enjoy the nostalgic recreation of their favorite childhood game.

For example, a slight build might not be ideal for gaming areas.

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Hasbro Stranger Things Palace Arcade

Bottom Line
The Hit Series served as a source of inspiration.
This tiny machine is based on the hit Netflix series about 1980s nostalgia and allows gamers to bring the arcade to their fingertips.

Games from the 1980s inspired the creators of Stranger Things as they tried to re-create that era's stylish aesthetic. 20 Pac-Man options are available. The vintage appearance and Stranger Things-inspired graphics give your game room artistic value.

Some complain about the low price of the buttons and modifications to certain games.

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Creative Outdoor Distributor 412 Classic Game Machine

Bottom Line
Multiplayer's Best Choice
This arcade is ideal for competitive play because of its many games and tabletop design.

The iStore Retro Gaming Console is a great, inexpensive way to play classic games on the big screen. It includes 2 player controls and 412 available titles to select from. There are also 2 stools included. Both free and paid gameplay is supported. No assembly is necessary—heavy-duty design.

There isn't any pause option in games.

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If you grew up in the era of arcades, you might have asked for your allowance (or salary) in quarters. Even with all of today's handheld, console, and computer gaming alternatives, there's nothing quite like the rush of standing in front of an arcade game machine with a joystick in your hand and a finger poised over the fire button, ready to blast away at whatever enemy is in front of you.

If that describes you, you've probably considered buying an arcade game machine for your house. If you're reading this right now, there's a good chance you're considering it. Fortunately for you, you've come to the proper place since we'll be able to assist you in selecting the finest gaming machine for your game room, living room, or wherever you plan on putting it in your house.

Most arcade game machines are compatible with a standard 110-volt three-prong outlet, but some need to be wired by an electrician. Before purchasing a machine, double-check the voltage needs.


Considerations to keep in mind

There are several factors to consider before purchasing an arcade game machine. If you're serious about buying one, answer the following questions.

Who is this arcade game machine intended for? Consider if you're buying it for a child, an adult, or the whole family.

Where will the arcade game machine be placed? You might have enough room in the basement, living area, garage, or other location.

Do you have a deadline for when you need the arcade game machine to be finished? Some machines are created to order and may take some time to arrive.

Do you have a company that would benefit from having an arcade game machine?

Do you want to start an arcade?

What is the maximum amount you're prepared to spend?


Several arcade game machines are available, including traditional pinball, shooting, racing, dancing, skill, and chance.

Classic: This is frequently the type of game people consider buying a video game machine. This category includes all traditional arcade games requiring a joystick or trackball and buttons to play.

Pinball: For many people, the definitive arcade game is a pinball machine rather than a video game. This is the way to go if you enjoy the endless hours of entertainment the silver ball provides.

Racing: You'll find vehicles that include motorcycles, skis, skateboards, and even rowboats while browsing online for racing games.

Dancing: While you may get similar gameplay with more recent game consoles, tapping out those precise moves on a tiled dance floor is nothing quite like.

Skill: The alley bowling game is an arcade machine in which players must actively participate. Tossing a ball (basketball), rolling a ball (hard rubber ball, bowling ball), defending your goal (air hockey), or whacking moles are all examples of physical activities involved.

Chance: These arcade game machines give you tickets when you complete a task, such as stopping a flashing light in a specific area.

If you're having trouble deciding which arcade game machine to buy for your home, take the family to a local arcade and play various games to discover the one that's right for you.




Arcade machines come in a variety of sizes. Some are too big to fit through the average doorway. Get the dimensions and measure your house to ensure the machine will fit not just through the front door but also down any hallways, stairs, and interior doorways before purchasing a model. Interior doors are often narrower than exterior doors.

When you think about buying an arcade game machine, you probably imagine a big unit that stands on the floor and is at least as tall as you are. However, smaller arcade game machines with just the essentials of controllers and screens can be found. It's meant to sit on top of a table or a bar and is considerably more cost-effective than a full-sized arcade game machine.


Not every arcade game has a vertical screen. Some versions allow you to play on a horizontal screen while sitting down. Each end of these machines is equipped with seats.

Multi-game system

Consider investing in a machine with various games if you're having trouble deciding on your favorite arcade game. These versions are made to make the whole family satisfied.


Arcade game machines are, for the most part, ready to play out of the box. Aside from selecting a site for your machine and connecting it, there isn't much setup required. Some consoles, on the other hand, do require some assembly. Check to see whether you'll need to assemble the arcade game machine you're looking at before purchasing.


Place your arcade game machine in a location that does not expose it to direct sunlight to preserve the artwork on its screen vibrant.



Inexpensive: For less than $1,000, you can get an arcade game machine. These versions might be tabletop/bar-top consoles or retro models that need to be put together. This is your best bet if you're on a tight budget and only want an arcade game to play at home.

Mid-range: You can purchase a smaller version for $1,000 to $4,000 if you're seeking the kind of arcade game available in a commercial arcade. These machines are typically recreations of classic games such as Pac-Man, Galaga, and Street Fighter that you may have played at the mall before. Modern versions are also available that allow you to play newer games, such as Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Virtua Fighter. If you're looking for an authentic experience, then this is the route you should go.

Expensive: They are available if you want a machine that you sit on or in when playing. Most cost from $6,000 to $15,000, but some can cost as much as $30,000. These high-end models are best for businesses, but if you're a big arcade gamer and have the money, you might want one for your home.

Don't apply liquids directly to your arcade game machine to clean it. Wipe down the outside of the machine with a lint-free towel or cloth moistened with water.



Playing arcade games is fun and provides a warm feeling of nostalgia, but did you know it has other advantages? Here are some advantages of playing arcade games.

  • Hand-eye coordination is improved: To succeed in arcade games, you must have strong hand-eye coordination, and playing aids in developing this transferable talent.
  • Builds muscle memory: Muscle memory is the ability to recall how to execute a physical activity after executing it once. Everything from ascending stairs to driving a vehicle involves muscle memory. Playing arcade games cultivates muscle memory, allowing you to complete ordinary activities easily.
  • Improves reflexes: The quicker your reflexes may get, the more frequently you play arcade games.
  • It improves cognitive abilities. Arcade games help you improve your cognitive skills by challenging you to do tasks such as reading, creative thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Reduces stress: Playing an arcade game can raise your heart rate, but it also aids in the release of tension by helping to forget current real-life issues.
  • Develops leadership skills: It doesn't matter if you're in command of a team in a multiplayer game or learning to value the benefits of collecting coins and leveling up. Arcade games may help you become a better leader at work.


Q. Do arcade game machines use a lot of electricity?

A. No, not in the least. There's a tendency to link size with price, but an arcade game machine is simply a computer plus a screen housed in a tall, well-constructed cabinet. A hairdryer consumes far more power than an arcade game machine, even though each one varies in energy consumption.

Q. How much do arcade game machines cost to operate?

A. The cost of operating electrical equipment is determined by the wattage, hours utilized, and price of your electricity. If you run a 300-watt arcade machine for one hour every day for 30 days per month, that's 9 kWh. It will cost you $1.17 monthly if your power costs $0.13 per kilowatt-hour. If your arcade game machine consumes more than 300 watts, you play for longer than an hour each day, or your electricity cost is higher, the total expense will be greater. If your arcade game machine consumes less than 300 watts, you don't play as frequently (or you don't play at all), and your energy cost per unit of power consumed is less, then the total price will be lower.

Q. Do arcade game machines need to be serviced regularly?

A. It all depends on the type of machine you have, as well as how much use it receives. Maintaining an arcade game machine with many moving components (for example, a pinball machine or a claw machine) will be somewhat more difficult. However, keeping the cabinet clean and protecting the circuitry with a surge protector is mainly a question of avoiding serious problems.

Quarter Arcades Dig Dug Quarter Scale Arcade Cabinet

Bottom Line
The extreme amount of detail that went into recreating this tiny yet fully-functional Dig Dug arcade game cabinet will appeal to both collectors and retro game fans.

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Arcade1Up Ms. Pac-Man Counter-Cade

Bottom Line
Tabletop arcade cabinet with the classic arcade experience without requiring a dedicated area.

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Tiny Arcade Pac-Man

Bottom Line
In a tiny yet faithful replica of the classic arcade game, retro Pac-Man action reigns supreme.

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