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Microsoft Xbox Core Controller

Bottom Line
It's not only for the Xbox
The Hit of a Sync Button Is All It Takes For This System to Work.

With one of the best battery-powered alternatives available, you can play games like Game Pass and mobile shooters. They are designed for serious gamers. An option that's more powerful than most mobile-friendly models.

Take AA batteries, which don't require a plug-in charge.

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EasySMX Wired Game Controller

Bottom Line
These things are simple yet solid.
For those on a budget, the best cheap option for a feature-rich model.

The wired connection in this mouse eliminates the need to recharge any batteries. The USB cable is 6.5 feet long, providing plenty of slack for comfortable use. Other models offer similar tactile feedback from built-in motors.

The controllers are made from cheap plastic that can bend and flex during heavy gameplay.

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Bottom Line
Brand You Can Trust
Reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch but with more precision, a more comfortable grip, and a higher-end appearance.

This product includes three cases that will fit your smartphone. A companion app will also allow you to customize the button layouts for your games. This product also has over 100 battery life and a Bluetooth connection.

More expensive than similar homes in the area.

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EasySMX 2.4g Wireless Game Controller

Bottom Line
Reliability and Comfort
You can buy a wireless design similar to the ones used in Xbox models but for a fraction of the price.

Customers appreciate a well-known brand's comfortable grip, low cost, and dependability. The program is also compatible with PCs.

Some people don't like AA batteries because you have to keep buying new ones. They don't work with the Xbox.

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Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller

Bottom Line
The design is light and portable
The wrist-mounted model snuggles up to your phone and provides console-quality control in the palm of your hand.

The method of this phone is unique. People like it because it is comfortable and portable and comes with a carrying case. It also has a USB-C power port, meaning gamers can charge their phone while still playing.

If yours doesn't work, check to see whether it fits your phone model. Some customers complain that their phones don't function.

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We suggest these solutions after a thorough study process that seeks to eliminate the confusion and locate the most fantastic products in this area. We spend hours researching the elements that matter under the guidance of specialists to provide you with these options.

Buying guide for

Whether you're a seasoned console player or someone who prefers playing smartphone app games, having a separate controller can make or break your experience. Playing games on an Android phone without a gaming controller might cause your hands to cramp, become irritated when the touchscreen buttons are too sensitive, or not feel like you're gaming.

A gaming controller can let you game from anywhere, even on the road or at the doctor's office, as long as you have an Android device and a suitable gaming controller. A gaming controller has simpler-to-use buttons, is more comfortable for your hands, and allows for greater overall game control.

The ability to play Android games on PC is not limited by licensing rules, as with iOS gamepads. As a result, there are more Android controllers available at reasonable costs.



Most Android gaming controllers include wireless connectivity, usually in the form of Bluetooth. Controllers that utilize Bluetooth must be within a certain distance of your Android phone, and this proximity should be enough to game from.

On the other side, because of their size and robust design, Android gaming controllers with a cable may be connected to either the smartphone's charging port or the headphone jack. Several adapters are available if you want to join the controller but don't have a cable.


Android gaming headsets with wraparound controllers connect to both sides of the phone, similar to how the Nintendo Switch controllers function. You'll still be holding your phone, but you have additional controller and button choices for each hand.

System compatibility

The Android operating system version 4.0, commonly known as "Ice Cream Sandwich," is compatible with every Android gaming controller. Thanks to the well-integrated technology, you may use a suitable controller to operate your smartphone, whether playing a game or doing daily activities.

It can also be used with Android-compatible gaming controllers. On the other hand, these platforms are not compatible with Apple's iOS owing to licensing difficulties. PlayStation, Wii, and PC operating systems are the most popular compatible alternative systems.

Version compatibility

It's critical to figure out what version of Android your smartphone is currently utilizing. If the software version is lower than 4.0, the gaming controller will function even though it was created before. However, an older system may cause a controller to be erratic and faulty. In contrast, the most recent version of Android might occasionally cause difficulties with specific controllers. It's essential to have the latest 4.4 software for the controller to be compatible with all games. It can be challenging to track what version of Android your smartphone is using, significantly if you don't regularly update the software.


A bracket includes some Android gaming controllers to keep your smartphone in place while you play. This bracket will work with most Android phones, but check the frame's dimensions against your phone before purchasing.



Android gaming controllers are designed with rubber and padding to improve their ergonomic handling. It is challenging to play handheld games when your hands begin to cramp and your fingers start to hurt from being bent at the same angle for so long. You can prevent this issue by adopting ergonomic elements in your Android game controller.


The buttons on the Android gaming controller might be encircled by LED bulbs, either behind the buttons or under them. The controls could be illuminated at all times, or they could only light up when pushed. Another frequent element is a back panel light that lights up when the gaming controller is used.

Button layout

Among Android gaming controllers, button layouts vary, but there's usually a way to link the buttons to your preferences. The standard controls on all controllers should include joysticks, a D-pad, right and left triggers, and home or menu options. Changing the button layout might allow you to use the buttons more efficiently, depending on your game.


Inexpensive: A primary gaming controller for Android costs $15 to $25. It's unlikely to include any spectacular functions, and it's doubtful it will have an ergonomic design. The controller will fulfill your gaming demands, but it may wear out after extended use.

Mid-range: You can find a suitable Android gaming controller for around $30-$50. The button layout will be similar to what you're used to, and the controller may have a wireless or wired connection.

Expensive: Gaming controllers for Android with all the bells and whistles cost between $60 and $100. These high-end gaming controllers are ergonomic, have Bluetooth capability, and come with other valuable features such as a carrying case, a smartphone stand, or a separate charging cord.


  • Some Android games provide a more pleasurable gaming experience when played with a specialized controller. They have been created especially for use with an Android gaming controller.
  • Use the charging cable to connect the Android gaming controller to USB-friendly devices. They may utilize a controller with a different gaming system or a tablet.
  • Some Android game controllers include brackets or stands to support your phone while you play. Hold your phone against a book or the wall to improve visibility if your controller doesn't come with this function.
  • There are many benefits for mobile gamers when it comes to playing Mario games. One of the most significant benefits is that many different Mario games are available. Whether you want classic 2D side-scrolling fun or a 3D adventure, there’s a Mario game waiting for you.
  • Android devices can enjoy some great benefits when playing Mario games. One of the best things about these games is that they are so easy to pick up and play but can offer a lot of depth for those who want to explore further. Additionally, many Mario games on Android platforms have been enhanced or designed explicitly for mobile devices, making the experience better than playing on a home console.
Check the Android app store for apps that improve the operation of your gaming controller. There are applications available that can alter the button configuration and apps that can enhance the controller's compatibility with other devices.


Q. How do I power my Android gaming controller?
A. Most Android gamepads come with a charging cable. Most likely, the cord will be USB or micro USB compatible.

Q. How can a gaming controller for Android stay charged if it doesn't have an internal battery?
A. Controllers with no internal batteries drain the battery life of your smartphone. The controller draws on the phone's battery life to stay operational once it is linked to the phone (usually through a wire connection).

Q. Was there a way to use my old Android gaming controller with a new Android phone?
A. That is correct. The controller should be able to connect with any Android phone as long as the system version is compatible.

Microsoft Xbox Core Controller

Bottom Line
A single sync button controls this model.

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EasySMX Wired Game Controller

Bottom Line
The most cost-effective variant with a lot of features.

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Bottom Line
The Nintendo Switch is a gaming system with precise controls, an ergonomic grip, and a premium design.

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