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MSI MPG B550 GAMING EDGE WIFIGaming Motherboard

Bottom Line
High-quality listening experience
The MPG B550 Gaming Edge motherboard is a great value. It is highly flexible and well-built, making it a great choice for your next build.

Solidity is built to last. It has WiFi 6 and a wide array of ports. Its transfer speeds are lightning-fast. It's easy to install and optimized for premium audio. Plus, it has RGB lighting.

Installing the WiFi drivers requires the use of an installation disc.

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ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus

Bottom Line
Reliable and Rugged
The Asus X570-Plus is one of the best budget-friendly motherboards due to its robust frame and high-quality parts.

The construction of this device is reliable and durable. It runs cool even under pressure. The components used in this device are military-grade, which makes it especially simple to install and configure. Plus, the audio quality is premium.

Its RGB lightning is not as impressive as more expensive models.

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ASUS Prime Z390-P ATXMotherboard

Bottom Line
Brings the Action
A high-performance gaming motherboard from a well-known brand built to satisfy demanding gamers.

This gaming motherboard is good because it works with Intel 8th and 9th Gen processors. It also has a fan that is not too noisy and is easy to install. The sound and video quality are excellent, and the Safe Slot Core is something people are waiting for.

The main difference between this motherboard and the standard ATX form factor is that it has only four SATA connections rather than six. It doesn't fit all cases because there are only four SATA connections.

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Gigabyte Z490 Vision G GamingMotherboard

Bottom Line
Most Elegant
This gaming motherboard was created to give constant power, speed, and efficiency, making it well worth the expense for high-end gaming PCs.

This computer is designed for high speeds and performance. It is also durable and easy to build upon. It runs cool under pressure and has a large array of ports. Plus, it supports High-Res audio for a great listening experience. It is stylish, too!

A motherboard that is a bit expensive.

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GIGABYTE X570 Gaming X GamingMotherboard

Bottom Line
This product is a customer favorite.
The Gigabyte X570 is a well-made, versatile gaming motherboard that is reasonably priced.

This gaming PC is perfect for people who want the best performance. It has a cooling system that keeps it running smoothly. You can connect a variety of devices to it. It's easy to install and supports high-quality audio. Plus, it's affordable!

Its little fan might make a lot of noise over time.

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After a thorough study, we recommend these goods that seek to cut through the noise to identify the finest interests in this area. We spend hours with experts studying the elements that matter so you can rest assured knowing your hard work will not go to waste.

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The motherboard is the most crucial part of your gaming PC since it connects and manages all machine elements, from the CPU to the RAM to the power supply. Because everything from the CPU to the RAM to the power supply is plugged into a motherboard, you must build your gaming rig on solid ground.

PC gaming motherboards address PC gamers' unique demands: they're big enough to accommodate high-end components like bigger video cards while still providing adequate airflow. However, they aren't all made equal, and once you invest in one, you're committed to many other decisions, so make careful about your selection.

You've come to the correct spot if you're looking to construct your first gaming PC gaming rig or just want to replace your current gaming PC.


There are several gaming motherboards on the market, and it's easy to get overwhelmed by the hundreds of alternatives. To make things easier for yourself, simply answer these four questions to reduce your options.

Do you enjoy playing video games with a lot of graphical elements?

Consider the games you enjoy. Are they first-person shooters like Red Dead Redemption, or are you more of a platformer and puzzle player? If the games you enjoy require lots of resources, you'll need to budget for higher-end gaming motherboards that can handle it. A low-cost gaming motherboard will be fine if you're a casual gamer.

Do you want to know what kind of CPU, AMD Ryzen or Intel Core i3 is best for gaming?

The processor's goal is to execute instructions stored in its memory at a certain speed. Regarding CPU performance, Intel and AMD always fight to produce the quickest chip. Gamers bicker about who makes faster processors, but since they're produced on different form factors, one motherboard can only support one. Both Intel and AMD provide excellent options for high-speed processors, and the best one for you depends on your needs.

Do you want to link more than one monitor to your computer?

Three or more monitors are popular among PC gamers. Having additional displays may assist in gameplay by increasing visibility. If you want to use multiple monitors, you'll need a video card with multi-monitor support, and multi-monitor gaming video cards are big and bulky. If you're looking for a bigger video card, consider the dimensions and make sure your case will accommodate the card. If space is an issue, consider liquid or water cooling to keep everything cool.

Do you anticipate that your computer will require additional RAM in the future?

Some PC users upgrade their components, while others leave them alone. You may need a gaming motherboard with extra RAM slots if you want to expand your system in the future. If you don't plan on making any changes to your computer once it's up and running, all you need is a gaming motherboard that supports your current hardware.


There are a lot of characteristics to compare between gaming motherboards because they are so important to the PC. Take a close look at these characteristics:

What CPU does it take?

The first step is determining if you'll go with Intel or AMD. Next, you'll need to figure out which Intel CPU or AMD CPU to use so that you can buy a gaming motherboard that supports it. For example, if you wish to employ an eighth-generation i7 CPU, you'll have to ensure the motherboard you're eyeing supports it. The same can be said for every other CPU out there, so do your research before you start buying components for your gaming PC build.

Do you require multi-GPU support?

Graphics cards can operate in parallel, which means you may buy two for the same PC and receive double the graphics processing power or employ each to drive its display. If you want to explore multiple GPUs, you'll need a motherboard supporting several GPUs.

What kind of onboard connectivity do you require?

Motherboards have various connectivity capabilities for connecting peripherals, including USB, audio, and Ethernet ports. They all seem to be the same, but small variations may influence your gaming experience (for example, you could want one with a USB-C connection for connecting new gadgets). Furthermore, many motherboards include built-in WiFi, which is helpful if your PC is far from your router.



You can get a decent gaming motherboard for between $60 and $100 if you want to construct a simple gaming machine without spending too much. Motherboards in this price range aren't high-tech, but they do the trick - at least in 1080p, but probably not in 4K. You can find some nice alternatives in this range if you look hard enough, but they're generally not going to overclock or have the same feature-set as more expensive models.


You can get a decent motherboard for between $100 and $250 if you want to construct a competent machine but don't want to spend top dollar on the most recent and cutting-edge technology. Gaming motherboards in this price range support the latest CPUs, have lots of ports for connecting storage and video cards, and are usually equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth.


Between $250 and $400 will get you a gaming motherboard with all the trimmings. Premium motherboards have their advantages:

  • They're generally simpler to install in a PC case.
  • They can handle the latest CPUs.
  • Some are even built for overclocking.

It'll be there if you're seeking the most high-tech, high-performance gaming motherboard within your budget.


  • Always use the appropriate safety measures when putting a computer together, especially connecting it. Keep the risk of electrical shock in mind: build it while your computer is disconnected, and avoid doing things that create static electricity (such as walking on a carpet with socks on). It's not only about your safety: an electric shock might harm or destroy your motherboard.
  • For this, you'll need a network tester. You may use it to see how the system's wired Ethernet connection compares to WiFi speeds. It's generally accepted that wired connections are faster than wireless connections, although in rare cases, WiFi connections may be quicker depending on your network hardware. Run some tests and always utilize the quickest connection when setting up your gaming PC.
  • Ask people what they think about the product. Look online for user reviews of the game before purchasing a motherboard if you're creating a gaming PC to play a certain title or game franchise. Check whether there are any user reviews for the game before making your purchase. You may often discover real-world hardware requirements of the game, allowing you to ensure that you get components with enough power. Pay attention to other aspects of the game that might be impacted by your choice of motherboards, such as sound quality or graphics.


Q. Is it possible to turn off the LED lights if I get a gaming motherboard?

A. Yes. LED lights may be interesting, especially in a translucent PC case, but some gamers find them distracting. If you don't want to use the supplied LEDs or buy a gaming motherboard without them, that's okay.

Q. What is overclocking, and how does it affect the performance of my gaming PC?

A.When you install a CPU into a motherboard, the motherboard has built-in instructions that tell it how fast to run the CPU. Those directions, though, may be changed. Overclocking is an example of a motherboard running a CPU faster than intended. Overclockers are essentially pushing their computer hardware beyond its limits to get it to run as fast as possible.

Q. If the motherboard has onboard graphics, is it necessary to purchase a video card?

A. It's possible, but not likely. Onboard graphics is a fancy term for video signal production that takes advantage of the motherboard's resources. Onboard graphics are ideal for web surfing and desktop tasks. Still, you'll need a separate video card if you want to play games, watch movies, or do anything else that requires significant video processing power.

MSI MPG B550 GAMING EDGE WIFIGaming Motherboard

Bottom Line
The affordable MPG B550 Gaming Edge is a versatile, well-built motherboard that is well worth the money.

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ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus

Bottom Line
The Asus X570-Plus has the most powerful specifications for a motherboard on this list, and it's also the most affordable.

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ASUS Prime Z390-P ATX Motherboard

Bottom Line
This is a top gaming motherboard from a well-known brand built to satisfy demanding gamers.

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