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Nintendo Switch

Bottom Line
The Most Popular
The Nintendo Switch is the most popular video game system among children, and it's easy to see why: When linked to a TV, it's just as fun to play on a portable gaming console.

Games for the Nintendo Switch are unlike anything else on the market. They're in a class of their own, as is the first home console that's also a portable gaming device.

It's pricey, and so are the games, toys, and add-ons. It has fewer titles than other platforms have.

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Kiztoys Handheld Game Console

Bottom Line
The best console for retro gaming
This throwback will appeal to gamers who prefer 2D scrollers and simpler times.

This basic handheld console has only four buttons and a D-pad, much like the Nintendo Gameboy. It's complete with 400 games for children and adults. A second controller is included so two people can play on the system simultaneously.

Some customers have complained that the rechargeable battery doesn't last long.

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Nintendo Switch Lite

Bottom Line
For Handheld Only
The Switch Lite is a cheaper, lighter model than the original Switch. It has the same game variety and quality as the console, but without carrying it around all day.

The Switch Lite can play virtually every game available for the original Switch. Other players may connect their joy-cons to the system and use the screen display to play games with them. The Switch Lite's battery life is longer than the original Switch's.

Families that wish to play downloaded material on several Switches have reported difficulties.

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Nintendo 2DS XL Mario Kart 7 Package

Bottom Line
Customer Favorite
It's not the most recent Nintendo system, but it's a tried-and-true customer favorite.

Although Nintendo no longer develops games for the 2DS, many cartridges are available. The twin screens provide a different gaming experience. Mario Kart 7 is included in this bundle and the console.

Most consoles are refurbished, so you must purchase and use games.

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We suggest these goods based on a thorough study process that cuts through the noise to discover the best products in this area. We spend hours looking into the elements that matter with assistance from professionals to provide you with these options.

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Gaming on a handheld gaming console is an excellent way to spend quality time with your family and friends, whether at home or on the go. Nowadays, everyone can play games on their smartphones, but the pleasure is experienced on portable video game consoles - which have come a long way since the Nintendo Game Boy. Handheld video game devices are lightweight, easy to carry around, and usually have a longer battery life than your average smartphone.

Prepare to dive into your favorite gaming series on a smaller screen, or if you're just done with the farming and candy crunching of mobile games, here's a console that can deliver big gaming in a tiny package. Handheld video game consoles are great for quick bursts of play between other things you need to accomplish. You need to know everything about them, including what they're good at and not so hot at. How do you choose the best one for yourself?

The Nintendo DS family of systems includes several consoles that all play the same games, including the 2DS and 3DS. The same cartridge games work on both consoles.


Portable video games come in two varieties: retro arcades that play vintage favorites from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, and contemporary handheld consoles with upgraded visuals and current franchises. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here's what you need to know about choosing between them.

  • Retro arcade handheld gaming systems are often smaller, less powerful versions of preceding home video game consoles like the Sega Genesis or Atari 2600. They have a few dozen pre-installed games and are frequently equipped with small displays ranging from three to seven inches. They provide stunning recreations of classic games from yesteryear down to the last pixel.
  • Although both are handheld consoles, the Switch is a more powerful and advanced device. It has superior graphics, controls, and games, just a few features. They even invent new technologies such as game streaming, allowing you to play your current PC or console games on a portable interface if you have the correct setup. If you don't enjoy classic games.


Some portable gaming systems can do more than just play video games. Here are some features you might want to look for if you choose a gaming system.

Downloadable games

If you want to play a game on your favorite gaming system, make sure it's compatible. If you have a newer gaming console, all games released in the last 3 years should be compatible. Games can vary in price depending on their type; some are free, while others cost money. The most important aspect of purchasing any game is to have fun simply.

Online multiplayer games

The best part about playing video games on the go is playing them with your pals! You can play chess against a grandparent or engage in fierce hand-to-hand combat with a buddy, as long as you have a handheld video game console that supports online multiplayer.

Rechargeable batteries

Handheld video game systems still utilize AA or AAA batteries, which can be costly over time. If you have the option of a system with a built-in lithium-ion battery that you may charge using a USB cable, go for it. They're easier to manage and less environmentally harmful.

Multiple screens

The Nintendo DS family of gaming systems has dominated the market for multiple displays for over a decade, and gamers have adored their dual-screen games for almost as long. Dual-screen games keep the action on one screen while utilizing the secondary screen for supplementary activities. In a role-playing game, you may observe your character's avatar on the top screen while managing their inventory on the bottom. In an action game, you may control your player with the top screen while the bottom screen gives you a map of the level.


It might be difficult to distinguish a bargain from a poor deal in the handheld console market. Here's what you need to know about how far your money will go.

Between $50 and $99, Retro gaming consoles are plentiful, with the most portable versions of classic gaming systems from the past, with small displays and multiple games available. Handheld consoles in this price range are ideal for nostalgia and casual gaming but lack other features. You'll need to look elsewhere if you want to play recent titles or use functions like online player-versus-player fights.

The best values are between $100 and $299, with dedicated gaming systems that can play a wide range of games (with new titles added all the time - something the retro gaming industry lacks). If you're looking for a Nintendo DS family portable gaming system, the best values are in the $99 to $199 price range. Expect to see handheld video game consoles that function as home gaming systems and portable gaming devices above $300. Only a few of them live up to their promise: they've bridged the gap between mobile games and traditional console games.


  • If you want to play a particular game, see if it's available only on a handheld console. Many of the most popular video game characters and series are only available on a certain type of hardware. Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach can be found in any games featuring them exclusively on Nintendo consoles, for example. That isn't always the case — it's simple to locate Sonic the Hedgehog games across numerous platforms — but if you want to play a specific game, you should know what type of console you need to buy.
  • If you want to play your console's games on a bigger screen, consider purchasing one with HDMI connectivity. Handheld video game consoles with HDMI connectivity connect to your TV using an HDMI cable, allowing you to play video games while utilizing them as portable gaming consoles. They'll connect via an HDMI connection if you have a PS4 or Xbox One. In any event, if you own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, we recommend having one of these on hand so you can connect your console to your TV. Some people might want to purchase a handheld video game console with HDMI connectivity so they can play their console’s games on a bigger screen.
  • Get a vehicle charger if you're buying a portable gaming device for traveling. Batteries in the most portable gaming systems can usually last a few hours, but battery life will ultimately be determined by the games you play. If you're a passenger on a long journey and run out of batteries, don't worry — get a car charger and keep it connected while you play.
The portable gaming system counterfeit industry is robust, so you're likely to encounter a few that aren't entirely legal. At the same time, while shopping, if you come upon anything that seems too good to be true, such as a system that can play 400 games or feature licensed characters with no licensing information, avoid it.


Q. What are the distinctions between mobile games for my smartphone and video game consoles?

A. Touch-based mobile games for smartphones and tablets employ a touch interface, so they're meant to be used with the screen as a controller. Physical inputs such as joysticks and buttons control portable gaming systems games. The difference in their user interfaces implies that each platform is suited to certain types of gameplay but not others. Smartphone games, for example, tend to be shorter and more casual than those for dedicated gaming handhelds or consoles because people are more likely to play them in short bursts when they have a few spare minutes. Nevertheless, there are many examples of great games across all platforms. In contrast, handheld gaming consoles engage players more and demand greater involvement. If you enjoy virtual farming or playing Words with Friends on your phone, stick to it. Get a portable video game console if you want to play games with better visuals, more complicated controls, and stories.

Q. What is "game streaming"?

A. Some portable gaming systems, such as NVIDIA's handheld video game consoles, can stream a video game from a compatible system on the same network. For example, if you have a PS4 on your network, Sony's most recent portable system may stream games. If you have a PS4 on your network, you can use Sony's remote play feature to stream games from your home console to the portable device. This allows you to play your PS4 games on the go without having to lug around a bulky console.

Q. Is it possible to watch internet video on a handheld gaming machine?

A. It depends on your model, but video streaming is generally available on only a few models and tends to raise the price overall. If you want to watch movies and television shows on your smartphone or tablet, consider doing so.

Nintendo Switch

Bottom Line
The Switch is their most popular console, and it's not difficult to understand why: It's just as enjoyable to play on a portable gaming system as when connected to a television.

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Kiztoys Handheld Game Console

Bottom Line
Those who prefer 2D scrollers and simpler times will appreciate this throwback.

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Nintendo Switch Lite

Bottom Line
The Switch Lite is another variant of the Nintendo Switch available. This console provides handheld gaming at a lower price while still providing the same game quality and selection as the original.

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